On 2002-12-06 at 1454.37 +0100, Sven Neumann typed this:
> Hi,
> well, using AUTHORS is probably a bad idea since it is the ASCII-only
> version generated from the file contributors which also has UTF8
> encoded names. I'd really like to replace this mess by something saner
> and I was hoping that we could come up with something that also fits
> the needs of the web-site authors. If you don't want us to cooperate
> on this subject, I'll just change the files to fit my needs (or rather
> the needs of the GIMP core hackers) and you'll have to do script
> hacking to get your page done. However I'd rather see use a format we
> have discussed beforehand. If you don't like XML as I suggested,
> perhaps we can come up with something else...
Simon Budig made an xml form that worked somewhat, however all the web
designer could say was "uck".  i worked and worked with the form to see
if i could get it to obey the css.  no go.  i asked for help, lord
knows.  there is a good chance that i don't ask while you and mitch are
about, as i really don't want to interrupt what you are doing.  i
believe in what you are doing very much.

i found the form very difficult to work with, and i was only able to
view it in a browser that could interpret xml.  i could not get any of
the html rendering apps to work.  it was really looking once again like a 
plan that only Rapha?l could maintain.  

the site i have (which is somewhat working) uses the apache mod_include
http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_include.html and i have been trying
to steer everyone towards using python for any cgi needs.  why python?
because even i can understand the way it handles regexp.  maybe i can't
write it very eloquently yet, but i can read it.  if i can work with
this ssi stuff and python, my bet is that anyone can.

are the files in gimp-1.2 going to change much? i guess "no", and that
the script that rock wrote will work perfectly until gimp-1.2
disappears.  if the AUTHORS file will be in a different form for
gimp-1.4 then that will need to be addressed for that web site.  maybe
the way that my current plan handles it will work there also, i dunno.
right now, a different sort of AUTHORS file is hypothetical.

i feel like i am racing mitch, and loosing.  i will be ready with the
1.2 site sometime after 1.4 is released.  seems silly to spend a lot of
time making this version of the site able to handle information that
doesn't exist yet.

i tell you what though.  the guest lecturer stopped me from making a
million little includes files, one each for the name, homepage and email
of urls that will be on the site.  i am sort of mad and frustrated about
that as well.  it was a solution to a problem i have, and that is how to
easily update urls and emails and such.  probably it is better that i
was stopped, but i prefer to be redirected than simply stopped.  

perhaps a little address book for the gimp, something that could be
accessed by anything needing up-to-date urls and emails.  something that
could be maintained in *one* place.  would this meet both the needs of
the web and the developers?

some of the problem might be that i am unable to ask for help.  look at
all of this typing to this list!!  crap. i hate spam to this list and
today and yesterday, i am the *worst* offender. 


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