On 2002-12-06 at 1320.24 -0800, Nathan Carl Summers typed this:
> On 6 Dec 2002, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > well, using AUTHORS is probably a bad idea since it is the ASCII-only
> > version generated from the file contributors which also has UTF8
> > encoded names.
> Actually, it reads contributors and not AUTHORS.  It's just your script
> that creates AUTHORS, etc, hacked up to generate a web page.
> > I'd really like to replace this mess by something saner and I was hoping
> > that we could come up with something that also fits the needs of the
> > web-site authors.
> I'm certainly willing to discuss this.
> > If you don't want us to cooperate on this subject, I'll just change the
> > files to fit my needs (or rather the needs of the GIMP core hackers) and
> > you'll have to do script hacking to get your page done. However I'd
> > rather see use a format we have discussed beforehand. If you don't like
> > XML as I suggested, perhaps we can come up with something else...
> XML is probably overkill, but anything is fine as long as it is easily
> parsed.  Our biggest need right now is a latin-1 version of the names with
> special charactors.  The web page needs to be in latin-1 because most
> web browsers aren't very good with UTF-8.  Right now I'm running recode
> manually, and then hand-editing the file because recode seems to chew off
> some perfectly normal looking characters from the file.
rockwlrs, is this something that i can do?


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