Gimp-Print 4.2.5-pre1 contains the following major changes over
Gimp-Print 4.2.4:

1) The Epson Stylus Photo 950/960/PM-950C and 2100/2200 are now tuned.
   The 950 and 960 are fully tuned, while the 2100 and 2200 are fully
   tuned with Photographic Black ink.  Matte Black ink on the
   2100/2200, and dark yellow ink on the PM-950C, are not tuned at
   this point.

   As a special note, all of these printers print especially fast at
   360 DPI in Four Color Standard mode (in color, grayscale, and
   monochrome).  For this reason, we recommend use of Four Color
   Standard for printing text and low-resolution graphics on plain
   paper with these printers.

2) Epson Stylus Photo printers with an automatic paper cutter option
   (the Stylus Photo 925, 950/960/PM-950C, and 2100/2200) now enable
   the cutter.  This has received some testing, but has not been
   tested comprehensively.

3) The Epson Stylus Pro 5000 should now print correctly, although this
   is not yet tested.

4) The Epson Stylus Color 640 now prints properly in grayscale and
   monochrome at 720 DPI and above.

5) DESTDIR now works with 'make install' in the Gimp plugin
   directory (this is generally of interest only to packagers).

6) The user manual should now install correctly on all platforms.

7) The version of libtool used to build this release has been changed
   to 1.4.3.  This enables the packaged source to compile correctly on
   a few architectures (this is generally of interest only to

8) Updates to the Debian packaging (this is of interest only to Debian

The following bugs have been fixed in Gimp-Print 4.2.5-pre1:

596538 Epson Stylus Photo 925 etc. paper cutter is not functional
599029 Epson: Maximum speed printing not supported on 950, 960
625780 Epson Stylus Pro 5000 does not print
639356 Build system: libtool 1.4.2 does not work on all platforms
641628 QUALITY: Epson Stylus 2200 print quality is low in 7-color
645895 Epson stc640 does not print at 720dpi and above
646158 Build:DESTDIR broken in make install in print plugin
649253 QUALITY - Epson 950/960 problems in all resolutions

The following bugs are currently open:

409612 Epson: Minor positioning problem on 4x6 glossy
538097 QUALITY-Canon S400 dark and yellow cast
549677 Canon BJC-1000 functions incorrectly at 720x360 DPI
557868 QUALITY-HP DeskJet 560 is washed out
581168 Canon BJC 250 just spits out pages
601767 Mac OS X: Canon BJC 2100 does not print multiple pages
602933 QUALITY-Canon S800 dark and grainy
613054 Mac OS X: Printing from InDesign 2.0 on OS 10.2.1
614882 QUALITY - Canon BJC-55 is too pale and desaturated
621668 Epson Stylus full bleed prints have slight margin
627266 Mac OS X: Autoselect option incorrectly offered
627978 QUALITY: Canon BJC-6500 has magenta cast.
631937 HP DesignJet Sheet Cutter Problem
641981 QUALITY: HP DesignJet 455 too light

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