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> >     http://filmgimp.sourceforge.net/docs/which.gimp.html
> I†think that some parts of this article are really inaccurate and are
> likely to cause some unnecessary damage to the reputation of both
> projects (GIMP and Film Gimp).  It looks like you have a bad opinion
> of the GIMP developers, but I hope that you will change your mind (and
> the page).

Raphael, thanks for writing this mail. I agree with all the points you
made and would only like to add a few more words about the list of
GIMP projects titled "Gimp projects are there?"

This list gives the wrong impressions that there are separate ports of
The GIMP to the Windows and Macintosh platforms. This is wrong. These
projects use the same source code that is used to compile The GIMP for
a large number of UNIX operating systems. The GIMP developers try very
hard to write code that is platform-independent. All (or actually most
of) the ugly details about different platforms are hidden in GLib and
GDK. This is especially true for the current development version. The
WinGimp and MacGimp projects (if there are any) are solely providing
binary versions of the one true GIMP and I don't think they should be
listed as separate GIMP projects. If you want to keep them in the
list, you should also add GIMP for FreeBSD, GIMP for OpenBSD, GIMP for
Debian Linux, GIMP for Solaris, GIMP for SuSE Linux, GIMP for AIX,
GIMP for RedHat Linux, ..., ... and probably even GIMP for OS/2.

The page at filmgimp.sourceforge.net also states:

"GIMP and GIMP for Windows maintain totally separate mailing lists."

It is true that there are different mailing-lists for users of GIMP on
UNIX and users of GIMP for Windows. It turned out that this separation
makes sense although I never liked the idea of making a difference
between the same application running on different platforms. It is
however wrong that there are different mailing-lists for the
development of The GIMP. The sentence I quoted may however give this
wrong impression.

Overall, this new page on the filmgimp site is once more full of wrong
facts that I have to try hard to suppress the feeling that Robin is
knowingly and willingly spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt on The
GIMP and I wonder what's the rationale of this.

Salut, Sven
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