All of this by muks in #gimp, I'm merely relaying.

----- for anyone who wants to try it. There are
viewable samples in samples/

a few points.. this is just a developer copy.. there are things missing:
1> NO support yet for indexed anything images, only RGB and RGBA work
2> there are inter-frame glitches (will be sorted out soon)
3> no JNG support yet
4> per-frame delays, etc. (set in layer names) aren't yet implemented
5> the code is not fit to be a gimp plug-in.. not i18'd, still have bugs
   to fix

However, i would like many of you to test it as it is now. 

download mng.c, and Makefile into your user account
install libmng, libpng, libjpeg (with their development counterpart
gmake; gmake install 

when you create images, create them as XCFs.. this is only useful as a
final export plugin

enjoy, and report bugs on the developer list.. i don't have a mail account
yet, but i'll check the archives on monday



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