Robin Rowe writes:
 > I guess you are unaware of the gimpwin-dev list.

That list is (with hindsight) misnamed, it doesn't in fact have much
discussion about GIMP itself at all. But the name goes back to the
early days of the GIMP port to Windows, when I had hopes there might
be lots of discussion about techincal details of the port.

Certainly, the list does not have (cross-platform) GIMP development
discussion. It is nowadays mostly about issues related to building and
running GTK+-using software other than GIMP on Windows.

I agree that with Sven that it's wrong to call GIMP for Windows a
separate project. The distribution for Windows has its own webpage,
but if something about it should be called a "project", it involves
just the building and packaging of a distribution. I.e. not really
much more than the building and packaging of a Debian, Red Hat or
Solaris GIMP package, for instance.


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