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Patrick McFarland wrote:
>On 18-Dec-2002, Sven Neumann wrote:
>>suggests to replace the term "Alpha" in the GIMP user interface by the
>>terms Transparency and/or Translucency. This could need some
>>discussion here, that's why I'd like to point the fellowship of
>>gimp-developer to this report. Please keep the discussion on the list.
>>Once we've settled on a strategy for this, we might need a volunteer
>>to go through the source and do the changes. Sounds like a good
>>opportunity to browse the GIMP source and contribute, don't you think?
>I say leave it alone. Alpha is the correct term here, transparency isnt. 

That is correct. 'Alpha' is a term used not only in gimp. It is a well 
known and established term in gfx world. Don't change it.

Piotr L.

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