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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-12-18 at 1711.13 +0100):
> > I agree with Alan and RaphaŽl (see the bug report) when it comes to the
> > "What/How" statement. I can see how the term "alpha" may be unclear to
> > new users, but I think it would be a pity to replace it all together, as
> > this might cause users who are accustomed with the term to be confused.
> Another How: My image is RGB, how do I make it RGBA? :]
> Side effect, will be RGBA be named RGBT everywhere (in user visible
> interface)? Is not a bit silly to start renaming basic concepts of a
> field with something else (aka causing differences with reference docs
> that existed long time ago)? Just wondering.

I agree - that it would be better to consistently use the
more modern, technical term 'Alpha' - and provide some simple
cues to new users that 'Alpha' and 'Transparency' are related.

Technically, the meaning of 'Alpha' is completely the opposite
of 'Transparency'. An Alpha of 1.0 (Lots of alpha) means
'opaque' and an Alpha of 0.0 (no alpha at all) means totally
transparent.  Hence, "Lots of Transparency" and "Lots of
Alpha" have opposite meanings and the terms are NOT
completely interchangeable.

Perhaps in the couple of places in the higher levels of the GIMP
menu where you can access alpha, it would be better to say
'Alpha (Transparency)' - so that newbies would come to understand
that the terms are related.  Having established that relationship
in their minds, you can drop the '(Transparency)' part in deeper
menus and dialogs.  You could also add a 'Tip of The Day' that
explains this.

As an alternative, you could talk about 'Opacity' as a synonym
for Alpha - but there are definitely contexts where that would
be confusing too.

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