On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 23:15:42 -0000 (GMT), "Steinar H. Gunderson"
> If you can't make an image in ImageMagick that is at least as good as what
> you get from The GIMP, you're doing something wrong. Have you tried
> specifying what kind of filter you want to use?
> /* Steinar */

That's what I thought as well...but the scaling with imagemagick was causing
pixelation.  granted, it wasn't a lot of pixelation but the client that I am
doing this for is having a problem with it.  I tried specifying filters, scaled
it every which way I could find documentation for on the imagemagick site.  And
I could get a good image, but not to the satisfaction of the customer. It
appeared to be the way in which imagemagick scales the image as opposed to
gimp.  Gimp seems to handle it better.  I would think it would be pretty much a
wash but based on what i have coded up so far....it's not the case.   At least
not for the client who is really really picky about the pixelation.  

Matt Patterson

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