Libpdb suite 0.2.0 has been released.  This is mostly a code cleanup
release.  Changes include:

 * Renamed WireStandardProtocol WireStdProtocol.  Hopefully this will save
   some typing.  Similarly, WireStandardProtocolMessage is

 * The read and write functions in WireStdProtocol now take a single value
   instead of an array.  The old functionality is still available with new
   functions that have a _v suffix.

 * WireStdProtocol now provides signed and unsigned version of the read
   and write functions.

 * Parameters can now be marked as required or optional.  This currently
   serves no purpose, but when keyword calling is supported, optional
   parameters will be supplied with default values if not specified.

 * GError is used to report errors in libwire.

 * libwire is now (almost) completely documented.

 * i18n now works.  A Spanish translation is provided.

Many exciting new features are planned for 0.3!  Check out the TODO list
for details.

Downloads are available at

A libpdb mailing list is now available at

Libpdb can also be obtained from gnome cvs by checking out the libpdb


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