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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-12-19 at 1208.55 +0100):
> > the user shouldn't be confronted with the term RGBA at all. IIRC, this
> > is the case unless she's writing a script or plug-in in which case she
> > is not a user any longer but a developer.
> Then no confrontation with CMYK either, or with bit depth or DPI or
> moire or lots of other terms. Sorry, but all these are terms of the
> trade, dunno why should that be not under user control and view, at
> least if the app is not a basic paint app but something more advanced

I agree for CMYK, DPI as well as RGB, but I don't think that RGBA is
a commonly used term and it should thus not be used in the user
interface and AFAIK it isn't.

Salut, Sven
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