Nathan Carl Summers wrote:
> I saw this program and thought it might be interesting to GIMP users and
> developers.
> Hopefully Gimp 2.0/GEGL/PUPUS will use some of the ideas there.

Development on PuPus stopped a long time ago due to time constraints.
I posted a message over a year ago making that clear (and offering
the prototype code so far, FWIW), but I thought I'd better just
remind people of that fact now since the name has reared it head
again multiple times in the last couple of weeks.

I looked at vips/nip just recently.  The most exciting thing about
it was that it seems to implement most of the interesting parts
of the PuPus idea, namely the pull-driven lazy processing and a
network of region-based dependancies.  It also supports lots of
exciting pixel formats and colours spaces.

The user interface is completely horrifying, though, at least from
the point of view of someone who expects something even vaguely
resembling a retouching or painting program (the front-end 'nip'
doesn't really claim to be that, though).

Fortunately its region-deps and image-processing back-end is well-
separated from its user-interface; unfortunately the back-end is GPL
which scuppers any realistic plans of GIMP's own back-end being able
to move to it, I think.

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