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I've been thinking about a better way to implement the
RUN_WITH_LAST_VALUES functionality in libpdb.  The current method is
annoying and kludgy.  Depending on the first value passed to a procedure,
the number and meaning of the parameters change, and the scheme is not
readily generalizable.  It is also not possible for other procedures to
manipulate the values used, which would be desirable for macro recorders
and plug-in adaptors that run on multiple images.

I suggest the following:
* we add a "subfunction" field to PdbProc, which is NULL for the main
function.  The interactive version would use "interactive" for the

* to call a plugin interactively, first call its "interactive"
subfunction.  The "interactive" subfunction will return a list of
arguments to be used in the call to the main function.

What do you think?


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