On 23-Dec-2002, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> 1) How do I create an image with an alpha channel (and set the value
>    of the alpha channel)?  This is specifically so I can test alpha
>    channel handling in Gimp-print.  Specifically, I want to move the
>    alpha channel handling (and the color map handling, but that's a
>    lot easier) out of libgimpprint and into the plugin.

file -> new -> fill type = transparent.
> 2) It appears that thumbnail images (via
>    gimp_image_get_thumbnail_data) always contain an alpha channel
>    (unfortunately, this isn't really what I want for (1)).  Is there a
>    reason this is the case, or am I missing something?

Ever convert an rgb image to rgba? All the alpha for every pixel = 1.0. Its
probably the same thing here.

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