to bring this year to a happy end, here's another development release
of The GIMP:


The gimprc file format changed with this release. Although the changes
are small, we don't provide backward compatibility with the old
format.  If you installed earlier versions of the 1.3 series, you are
advised to remove the /.gimp-1.3 directory and perform a fresh user
installation.  The system-wide gimprc in ${prefix}/etc/gimp/1.3/
documents the new file format.  The gimprc man-page has not yet been

Here's the list of changes for this release:

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.11

- Allow to stroke bezier curves with the vectors tool [Simon]
- Added a first draft of a display filter that simulates
  color-deficient vision [Mitch, Sven]
- Added an optional menubar per display [Mitch]
- Added PDB functions needed by GAP [Wolfgang Hofer, Sven]
- Updated the Win32 build system [Tor Lillqvist, Hans Breuer]
- Factored common code out of a number of plug-ins [Maurits]
- Use g_rand* functions whereever random numbers are needed [Bolsh] 
- GimpPressionist plug-in cleaned up [Maurits]
- Finally landed the new gimprc code based on GimpConfig [Sven, Mitch]
- Added widgets for views on object properties [Mitch]
- Reimplemented the preferences dialog using GimpConfig [Mitch]
- Transform tool cleanup [Mitch]
- Modify the environment of plug-ins according to files installed with the
  plug-ins. Allows to install Python modules into the GIMP tree. [Yosh]
- Start plug-ins using g_spawn_async() [Yosh]
- Lots of bug fixes.

Other contributors:
  Jim Meyer, Jakub Steiner, Guillermo S. Romero, Henrik Brix Andersen,
  Nathan Summers, Jeroen Lamain

Thanks to all the contributors, have a Happy New Year, keep GIMPing...

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