On 23 Dec 2002, at 22:26, Alexander wrote:

> Hello Adam. I should propose few features for gimp:

Enhancement requests should be posted at http://bugzilla.gnome.org . 
> 1) brightness(result visible in change operation) of layers in dialog
> "layers,conturs,chanels" 
> 2)Me personal very need next function in
> plugin Light effects/SuperNova(may be this function also need other
> peoples?)
>  - lenght of beams.(Sorry,I not should seek adress of autor this
>  plugin
> -Eiichi takamori,therefore write you.)
> 3)Save samples of Light effects/GFlare in menu selector.In me all new
> samples of gflare deleted after end operation,and exit from Gimp
> 3)buttons copy/paste in image work window.

I take it this is number 4? I was thinking about this the other day: 
the menu under the RMB is fully loaded. The advantage of not having 
to travel far to the menu rather gets lost in such a big menu. 
Perhaps a context menu that would not just have the image window, but 
also the most recent operations, or a selectable mode as 'context' 
would be handier. For instance, one could select 'photo editing' as 
mode, and the user would get the operations (be they tools or 
functions) that are associated the closest with that task.

branko collin
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