Kevin Myers wrote:

Under Windows I am running into a problem where the GIMP's pixel buffer
seems to hit a 2GB file size limit when my gray scale TIFF image files
excede roughly 400KB in size. I'm guessing the buffer requires 5 bytes per
pixel (RGB, transparency, ?), even though all of that isn't really needed
for my images.

I need to work with these images absolutely ASAP. Because all of the
machines involved are running Windoze, I was hoping to stick with that.
However, it's starting to look like that is a hopeless cause given my poor
porting skills and the apparant lack of interest of most gimp developers in
addressing this problem under Windoze (at least in the near term).

So, I'm starting to consider using Linux instead, and have two related

1. Can anyone out there positively confirm that running the GIMP under a
fairly recent version of Linux would avoid any inherent 2GB pixel buffer
size limit? I can provide some images for testing if anyone would like to

2. Would anyone out there care to suggest a readily available commercial
Linux distribution that is extremely easy to install, learn, and use for
unsophisticated users with primarily Windblows experience?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I am not sure if it is related at all but GIMP (as much as I hate to admit it) has some severe memory issues with large files. Or something gimp uses really I dont know.

I regularly deal with 400-800MB images and gimp just chokes on the big ones. 400-500 I can normally work with for a period of time but it will ultimately choke. And yes we have the hardware to back it up. 1.5-2GB of ram and 1GB of swap and using at most 1 undo level. These are normally greyscale (8bit images). On occasion the larger files (800MB range) are color. I have also tweaked the tile cache size in all forms. Sometimes setting it big works sometimes small. Seems to be no ryme or reason as to why.

I have noticed issues related to clipping as well. Under this situation using a small tile cache seems to work most of the time. I can have the same memory available. Open a 100MB image. Import a path. Clip to the path using copy and repaste that into a new image. At that point I can not save. If I attempt to GIMP again chokes.

I would submit an strace of this but the fact is if I do so the strace alone is going to be MBs of info. Does anyone really want to rumage through it?

If this is not related to your issue then my recommendation would be Redhat 8. I am sure other distros would do equally as well. I just personally happen to have experience with RH so I can safely recommend it.

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