On 10 Jan 2003, at 12:37, Joakim wrote:

> I have tried to find gimp-perl for win32 but I can't find it.
> The Gimp-Perl FAQ says that there is no port of gimp-perl for win32.
> Is the FAQ not updated or is it really true that their is no port? In
> the latter case, is anybody trying to do a port?

No, there is no port, and as far as I know, nobody's trying to port

I thought there had been discussion about this on the developer list,
but I am not sure I found it:

On 22 Dec 2001, at 1:47, Fabian Frédérick wrote:

> About Perl-Gimp for Windows, I've done a skeleton of that stuff....
> Problem is it doesn't work with structs yet (Perl blessing doesn't
> work at all).

On 19 Apr 2002, at 19:19, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> [Scheme] does, however, run under windows, unlike gimp-perl,
> which should be very easy to port without Gtk. Porting Gtk
> should be easy too, if the destination is named cygwin.
> Unfortunately, the developers who do the windows port don't use
> the same config mechanisms as under unix/cygwin, and Gtk is
> proven to be hard to port to that environment.

On 24 Apr 2002, at 18:49, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 10:34:19PM +0300, Tor
> Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > and Gtk is proven to be hard to port to that environment.
> > ... but I still fear that porting gimp-perl might be quite
> > a task.
> Why? I apart from trivial changes (gimp-perl has to parse
> the output of gimptool -n --install-admin-bin because
> gimptool doesn't have an option to output the pluginpath
> and can't be edited under windows), it compiled out of the
> box five minutes ago under windows 2000 using cygwin
> and the binaries from www.gimp.org/win32 (which, as I
> read it, are not really compatible with my environment
> anyways).
> I think the remaining problems are highly trivial (e.g.
> possible reliance on / instead of \, which mostly isn't a
> problem under windows anyways, socket functions etc.)
> It's just that this has to do somebody who knows windows
> better then me (I lack the time & compiler to compile gimp
> &c for windows just to test it).

Perhaps you could try and port it yourself, or sponsor somebody who
can. Or you could file an enhancement request at

Good luck,

branko collin
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