So this means that, when gimp stable uses gtk2, no more win32 "port" of Gimp?
(In this context, if an app compiles cleanly on an os with no code
modification, then it isnt a port)

On 26-Dec-2002, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> I finally had time to try again, and after some head scratching and
> munging, succeeded. I built all the libraries that get
> built as shared libraries on Unix as DLLs, while Hans's MSVC Makefiles
> build many (most?) as static libraries.
> Any accidental breakage of Unix builds should be relatively easy to
> fix.
> The gimp.sym file seemed to have obsolete contents. I replaced it with
> the functions used by libgimptool and libgimpwidgets. I had to add a
> "glue" file for libgimptool, to enable the dynamic linking to the main
> executable, either gimp.exe or tool-safe-mode.exe (?).
> Building the plug-ins, and a closer inspection of what works and what
> is broken will have to wait until next week. I'm leaving for a short
> vacation tomorrow.
> --tml
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