Hi Sven -

Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately I can't really afford to take time out
right now to attempt to figure out how to build and test in the 1.3 track,
especially since I'm running under Windows and would have to be on the
bleeding edge of dealing with porting issues.

However, the additional code that I needed turned out to really be quite
simple and was just something that I overlooked initially.  I'm going to
open a bug on 1.2.4 and supply my patch for that.  Hopefully you or one of
the other fine gimp maintainers out there will be able to easily figure out
if and where this patch should be applied to 1.3.  It's only a few lines of
additional code added to the create_display_shell routine of app/interface.c
in the same vicinity as the other changes that you made recently.  Thanks


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> Hi,
> "Kevin Myers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >
> > Can someone please point me to the location of the gimp's code that
> > determines what window size to use when the scaled image won't fit on
> > screen?  I'm guessing that a very simple patch to that code should make
> > gimp do exactly what I want.
> I'd suggest you do this change in the 1.3 tree since it much cleaner
> there.  In particular it doesn't have to deal with the GdkWindow since
> gtk+-2.0 offers the gtk_window_resize() API which does all the dirty
> work. The code you are looking for is in the functions
> gimp_display_shell_new() and gimp_display_shell_shrink_wrap() in
> app/display/gimpdisplayshell.c.  I'm not sure if I understood your
> request correctly, but I think that 1.3 might alredeady behave as you
> described as the desired behaviour.
> If you are really forced to hack on 1.2, I wish you good luck. That
> code has caused a lot of grief and is substantially broken in the 1.2
> tree. IIRC, it's located in interface.c in app/create_display_shell()
> and in g_display_shrink() in app/gdisplay_ops.c.
> Salut, Sven

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