Sven Neumann writes:
 > Let's hope that Tor will find the time to do a new win32 build if we
 > finally come around to do the official 1.2.4 source release.

Sure. I'll do it ASAP after that.

 > I'd also welcome if we could get such an announcement mail (the one
 > Tor sent to gimpwin-dev) next time on gimp-developer as well.

OK, I'll CC gimp-developer next time I announce a build.

 > I don't know how much traffic gimpwin-dev creates nowadays.

Seems to have been between 40 and 130 messages per month last year

 > Since discussion about gtk+ development should happen on gtk-devel
 > now that win32 is an officially supported platform, perhaps we
 > could merge gimpwin-dev with gimp-developer. It seems wrong to me
 > to have two distinct mailing-lists that deal with gimp development.

Yes, why not. Or maybe gimpwin-dev could be terminated altogether, and
the members advised to subscribe to one or several of gimp-developer,
gtk-list, gtk-app-devel-list and gtk-devel-list.


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