Tor Lillqvist writes:
 > Ouch. Where the heck did those come from, I wonder. files
 > aren't supposed to contain any host dependencies. Sigh, I'll have to
 > do the "make distdir" once more and see if I can figure out what goes
 > wrong.

Hmm. I don't really know what had happened, but if I run automake-1.4
with the flag --include-deps flag, it doesn't put those header
dependency lines in the files. The strange thing is that
it was only in libgimp/ that there were lots of those
header dependency lines. app/ had one (1) !? But for
instance in all the plug-ins/* directories the Makefile.ins did not
have any of this cruft.

Oh well, there is now an updated file
downloadable. Nothing changed in it except the files, so
if you just want them, download


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