I'm hacking some stuff in the GIMP plugin (er...UI library) that will
allow people to do all kinds of fancy curve editing and other
tweaking.  This isn't going to be usable through the CUPS interface
for the time being, but when I have something working I'd like to try
to get it into the hands of the Macintosh community.  There seem to be
some really serious printer jocks out there, and the current stuff
just doesn't cut it for them.  This stuff will, I think, at least for
the most adventurous folks.  The idea of getting it out there is to
get comments; this is really very early alpha code.  Some of the stuff
will only work with the Epson driver, just because that's the one I
know the best and I know what hooks I can put into it (e. g. there's
going to be a way to select the dot size for the people who *really*
want to live on the edge -- a number of people are complaining that on
some papers they can't get enough density).

I know that the GIMP has been compiled for OS X; I don't know how
functional it is.  Tyler, can you look into what would be required to
build a package with the GIMP and the mainline plugin for this?

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