On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 13:37, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
> That looks nice.  That design looks vaguely familiar...  ;-)

It should look familiar.....I think you might know the reason to why it
should look familiar.

> I am not sure that the front page should have some kind of news,
> though.  Having up-to-date information for the main site will be hard
> enough.  History shows that everybody is excited at first and supplies
> a lot of news, but this slows down after a while and it is difficult
> to keep the site alive.  So it would probably be better to keep the
> news part for the main site only.  The home page of the developers'
> site would only have a set of links to the important sections of the
> site, even if this duplicates some parts of the navigation bar.

Yes, but what should be here instead? Some info about what
developer.gimp.org is?

> That's fine for me.  There are only a few requirements that I would
> like to put on the design:
> - It should be clean XHTML 1.0 (or at least HTML 4.01).  It looks like
>   this is already the case.
> - The page design should not include too many images or complex
>   (D)HTML stuff.  Again, it looks like this is fine already.
> - There should be some kind of revision control system (such as CVS)
>   for the contents of the pages.  This reduces potential problems if
>   there is more than one webmaster for the pages.
> - For those editing the pages, the contents should be clearly
>   separated from the template.  This means that all source files
>   should only contain the body of the pages (without header, footer or
>   navigation bar) and some build system should be able to apply the
>   template to these source files to generate the final HTML pages. (*)
> - The source files (under revision control) and generated files should
>   be in different directories.  Ideally, it should be possible to
>   rebuild everything by typing "make" in the source directory.
> - The generated HTML files should be static: no server-side includes,
>   PHP, Perl or other fancy stuff that would put additional
>   requirements on the server.
> - It should be possible to integrate some pages that are not using
>   the same templates.  This will be useful for the documentation pages
>   generated by gtk-doc.

All this is no problem at all. The big problem in this case would be the
CVS stuff for the developer.gimp.org, I don't have knowledge enough to
create a CVS-server for the site. Any ideas?

> So if this is fine for you, then I would be happy to work together
> with you on the update of the developers' site.

That is great, I would be more then happy to work with the design.


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