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[copyright notices on every page] 
> > > well, there is a little history to that inclusion.  a commercial
> > > site stole the design.  the designer had serious issues.  i guess
> > > that the whole footer was developed that time, and was made like
> > > it is more for balance on the page.  
> > > 
> > > the reason cited for the theft was that they found the layout on a
> > > googlable web page (the old hurl site) and that it wasn't
> > > copyrighted.
> > 
> > Obviously, the thief who claimed that does not know much about the
> > copyright laws (regardless of the country he/she is living in), or
> > is trying to ignore them on purpose.  IANAL, but it is not necessary
> > to add a visible copyright message.  Since several years now, most
> > countries in the world have adopted laws that make every published
> > work copyrighted by default, unless the author explicitely states
> > that the work is in the public domain.  So copying anything without
> > the author's consent is illegal.
> it was a quick solution that worked at the moment.  probably it would
> be best to ask gnu.org what to do and just do that. 

Usually, from what I have heard from other web masters, threatening 
to get a lawyer involved and/or to go to the hosting provider helps. 
Depends a bit on the country where the infringer lives, though (thief 
is a word reserved for those who take away property).

If that does not help, actually writing the host provider may help, 
especially in countries with repressive copyright regimes, such as 
the US, or with extreme 'consumer protection' laws, such as Germany.

IANAL, of course.

branko collin
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