On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 19:15, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
> Anyway, I have a question about the design that you (Niklas) are
> proposing: did you use a set of scripts to add the template (header,
> footer, menu) around the page contents, or is every page created by hand?

The page is created by hand. And I am trying to make some changes in the
include files to make it easier to validate and also easier to
understand. (I hope). So there will be a temp.html file for you to look

> Is the editing done at the HTML level, or do you use some tools to
> generate all or parts of the page from a different markup language or
> from a simpler version of the HTML code?

It is all HTML but this is also XHTML strict so the content of the site
uses <div></div> and <p></p> for the main content, the rest of the
structures are in the css file. So this is more XHTML then HTML. This
makes the site beutiful to work with. :)

<div class="aclass">This is a title</div>
  Here we have some info

That is all sort of. But then again this depends a lot on what you want
the file to include.


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