I am wondering why Gimp does not use lcms (little color management system - 
www.littlecms.com) libraries.

I use lcms utilities to convert files (as, it seems, does the existing Gimp color 
management plugin), they work great, but I am still missing a critical feature: the 
ability to edit a file in a, say, Adobe RGB workspace (wider gammut than monitor) 
while seing it on my screen converted "on the fly" (i.e. in the display routine) 
according to my monitor's profile.

I'm stunned, because even though I am not a developper and I'm not able to implement 
it, my basic knowledge of programming tells me that it should be rather 
straightforward since the core libraries exist already, and it is a very important 
feature for photographers. For the time being we have to work in monitor workspaces, 
wich means that we are throwing away colors that the monitor cannot display but 
printers can print.

Thank you,

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