On 21 Feb 2003, at 12:42, Sven Neumann wrote:
> "Ben Rockwood" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I think I'm sounding like an old record, I'm sorry to nag, however
> > I'm curious: is there any possibility that a shaped cursor (to brush
> > size/shape) will be added pre-1.4?  Sorry to bring this up again.  I
> > played with the code awhile back, but I don't posses the skill to
> > add this feature.
> it is unlikely that this will happen before the next release since
> noone started to hack on it yet and we are sortof feature-frozen
> already. Unless someone comes up with a clean patch very soon now,
> this will have to wait until the next development cycle.

Is there any incentive I can offer a developer on this list to work 
on this? I suspect a shaped cursor (or at least a bounding box 
cursor) is one of those features you don't want to go back on once 
you have worked with one.

branko collin
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