* Ernst Lippe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [030226 14:04]:
> Non-requirement 1. Preview the rendered results in the original image
> window.
> The rendered image should be shown in the original image window.
> Comment: This is one of the suggestions from the GUAD3C meeting.  It
> does not seem relevant for the preview widget.

It is relevant in terms of providing a consistent user interface, the
place in a plug-in's GUI it is natural to place a toggle that controls
wether the canvas is updated with the preview or not. Is in relation to
other preview controls.

The code neccesary to do this at the moment is quite complex, and
involves creating temporary layers, messing with the undo state of gimp
and such. The preview code already wants to be a "proxy" for rendering
smaller previews using the same API calls as for already modifying the
actual image, it thus seems like a natural place to add, or at least
think about such functionality.

/Øyvind K.

  /V\    Øyvind Kolås,  Gjøvik University College, Norway 
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