Sven asked for some feedback on the Preferences dialog.  Here is my take
on it.  I'm sure I can handle many of the changes, but I haven't looked
into the code yet.  If you need me to make the changes (once they're
approved) let me know.  I won't be able to submit much before the 21st
cuz I'll be on holiday, however, and assuming I haven't found another
job by then.

Comments on the Preferences dialog:

0. General comments
   a. Why is the default font for labels so small?  My eyes are old!

   b. Lists should not include sublists that have only a single
      item.  If you have sublists, there should be at least two
      entries in that list.  Otherwise, merge the sublist into the
      main list page.

   c. I really think you need to call the "Image Window" the "Canvas
      Window".  "Image" is too generic - it's used for
      thumbnails, layers, etc.

   d. US English vs UK English spellings:  "Behavior" in
      Interface page, "Behaviour" in Image Windows page.

   e. Lots of tooltips say "When set to YES..." when referring to
      toggle buttons or option menus that don't have a "YES"
      option.  These need to be updated.

1. Page: New Image
   a. Should it be "New Image" or "New Canvas"?  Is the canonical
      name for that window a Canvas?  That's what I've been calling it  
      for years (even in my books), but maybe I've been wrong.

   b. Why isn't "Indexed" included as a default image type option?

   c. Why a "dpi" *AND* a Pixels/inch setting?  The bottom set,
      with the "Pixels/inch" options menu should be enough.  "DPI"
      should be part of the text header for this frame.

   d. Why do we have a "maximum image size?"  Shouldn't GIMP
      handle any image size?  Should this value be set as a 
      percentage (rounded to a power of 2) of installed memory?

2. The Comment page should be integrated into the New Image page
   as a 2nd page in a notebook.

3. Page: Interface
   a. We shouldn't use frames with a single element - frames
      should enclose two or more elements.  Dialog behavior and Menus
      should be merged with the Window Positions frame and retitled
      "Windows and Menus"

   b. Dialog Behavior toggle has tooltip that says "When set to
      YES...".  This should be changed to "When enabled...".  Also,
      "per display" should be changed to "per image window" (or "per
      canvas window").

4. Page: Help System
   a. Remove frames.

   b. Why aren't Mozilla and Galeon included in the Help Browser list?

5. Tool options should be merged with another page, perhaps the
   Interface page, until more default options for Tools are provided.

6. Despite having few configurable options, the Input Devices
   page should stay the way it is.  It may have more options - I
   don't have any input devices available to test that.

7. Page: Image Windows
   a. Make this page a notebook, with the following pages:
      1. Appearance / Canvas padding color
      2. Zoom / Resize, Pointer Movement

   b. Merge Title & Status page as a 3rd notebook page in the
      Image Windows page.

   c. Title formats should be explained - what do each of "f", "p",
      etc. mean?

8. Merge the Display and Monitor pages.  They're similar enough
   and can fit on one page.

9. Page: Environment
   a. Move Environment to the top of the list.  It is more
      general than the other options (except the Folders) and it has
      no sublist.  It's easier to see that it's a top level item
      this way as opposed to thinking it's part of the Interface

   b. Maybe it's me, but I think the icon for Environment ought
      to be trees and a sun, not a nerdy IC.

   c. The tooltip for "File->Save" is incorrect.  It should be
      updated to match the current options menu text.

   d. "Size of thumbnails Files" should probably be
      "Size of thunbnail Files".

10. Page:  Folders
   a. What do the green dots in the "Folders" page represent?

   b. Put the "tenp dir" and "swap dir" in frames.  Title each
      "Location for temporary files" and "Location of swap
      files".  Change the "..." to "Select a directory".  This will
      spread this page's contents out a bit.  It looks crowded
      right now.

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