hi, i sent this to the web list. thought i would pop it off here as
well.  anyone who wants to help to tidy up the how tos mentioned here is
more than welcome to help.

would be nice to have how to get stuff from cvs for windows also.


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hi there.

after a long (long) wait, there is a gimp-web module available for
checking out on the gnome cvs server.

before writing this, i tidied up the cvs how to that bex wrote to help
with those using annoncvs for the first time.


after logging in as described, use:

cvs checkout gimp-web

and that should get the module for you.

warning, the first download will contain an archive of gimp splash
screens.  everyone complains as they download, but they all seem to be
glad to have them once they completely arrive.  

the unix section is the closest to "working" as any.  the file that you
viewed above (the cvs how-to) was generated from this page:

i run this through rewrite_attrs.py found in /programmatic/tools/ using
a dictionary of urls i started to collect:
http://mmmaybe.gimp.org/admin/gimp-web-urls and you can see how this all
works here:

i converted all of the how-tos to this global url system, and thought i
should stop here, while it is still easy to change.

While the content is nearly in place, the "works" needs to be, eh,
hooked up.  the unix section is the area of this alpha site that is
starting to "work".

i would like to hear your thoughts about what is there.  ask questions
and tell me the best ordering and labeling of the global url dictionary.

the format of the dictionary is fairly flexible.  using the example from
Helvs web page:

["href", "http:Gnome Main Site",     { "href": "http://www.gnome.org"}
can also be:
["href", "home:Gnome Main Site",     { "href": "http://www.gnome.org"}
["href", "App:Gnome Main Site",     { "href": "http://www.gnome.org"}

as i converted the how-tos to use this dictionary, i came up with one
way to handle them.  this file might be useful for more than just the
web stuff as well, so the way they are entered in is too important to be
left to me, i'd say. 

so here we go.  lets make this section work and then the rest of the
content can be moved.  then we can be done with it and move on to

thanks for your patience.


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