keybindings.txt has been rewritten.  See   The txt, tex and pdf
versions are referenced there for download. The txt version looks
awful,varies with editor...see pdf version

Some comments are;

Conflict of shortcut keys  C

Clone is shown as  C on the main dialogue box and also
Image->Tools->Paint Tools->Clone is shown as   C
Color picker is selected, and shown, by    C   on the main dialogue box
and also Image->Tools->Selection Tools->By Color select

Same same for Blur or Sharpen Vs Bezier   Conflict of    B

Presume these are documented bugs as only one of them works

1.2 stated
"The GIMP also comes with a menurc that will implement Adobe
Photoshop style keybindings, if you are used to Photoshop, this
may prove helpful. To use it, rename ps-menurc to menurc and
put it in ~/gimp-1.2, overwriting the one that is already there
(you may want to make a backup first)."

But seems to be different with GTK2

Path key bindings shown, but do not operate in Channel Ops and path Ops

I will look at the "mouse" cheat sheets once I work out how to get my
two button mouse working as three button mouse
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