Owen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> keybindings.txt has been rewritten.  See
> http://www.webone.com.au/~oc/gimp/kb.html   The txt, tex and pdf
> versions are referenced there for download. The txt version looks
> awful,varies with editor...see pdf version
> Some comments are;
> Conflict of shortcut keys  C
> Clone is shown as  C on the main dialogue box and also
> Image->Tools->Paint Tools->Clone is shown as   C
> Color picker is selected, and shown, by    C   on the main dialogue box
> and also Image->Tools->Selection Tools->By Color select
> Same same for Blur or Sharpen Vs Bezier   Conflict of    B

This has been fixed in the meantime (see bug #107975). I suspect you
want to update the keybindings documentation before I update the files
in CVS ?

There will certainly be more updates necessary before the 1.4 release
since keybindings is an area that is still being worked on. We are
still waiting for the great keybindings unification ...

Salut, Sven
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