Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
Would just antierase users be happy with layers masks? This feature is
ignored a lot, and I think it does the same, you hide and unhide areas
as you want, keeping the colour info. If yes, get rid of antierase.

One weak reservation I have (I mention it in case no-one else has considered it) would be that although layer masks are fine and beautiful and good, and XCF files are the one true GIMP intermediate-save working-format and they save fine and intact, one day you might be handed a (for example) raw .sgi file in RGBA and for some reason be expected to do the resurrect-colour trick, but to no avail.

I'm keen on both:
1) No, really, don't expect me to do that.
2) The situation is unlikely anyway.

IIRC masked commercial clip-art intended for use in printed page
layout is usually distributed in something like PSD or TIFF
format with each distinct component of a photograph ready cut-out
for you by its mask being placed in an auxilliary channel or
its vector outline being placed in a path.  I can't think of a
reason for someone to be handed a foreign RGBA file known
to not be pre-multiplied, and need to resurrect its RGB data
(except out of curiosity).  But...

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