The Register has an interview with Holger Dyroff, the representative 
of SusE in the U.S.A. The interview touches up desktop applications 
that are shipped with Suse, will be shipped with Suse, and the apps 
that Suse would like to ship. (BTW, he predicts that the Linux 
desktop will have a bigger market share than Apple by this time next 

According to Holger, "applications will be key for this market" (the 

Further down (about two thirds into the article) the interview goes 
like this: 

"Interviewer: What applications do you hear the most requests for on 
the home and small office level?

Holger: Photo Editing and Printing is a huge issue. Gimp is nice, but 
is yet missing some features and people are asking about Adobe 
Photoshop-like applications and features all the time.

Another area which is frequently asked for is web publishing and 
tools like Macromedia offers.

Interviewer: Anything up SuSE's sleeve on in these areas?

Holger: Not yet, we are not application programers, but a service 
provider who takes what is available as open source software and 
delivers it to its customers.

Both ISVs Adobe and Macromedia would definitely be a key towards a 
Linux desktop revolution. And I read Adobe is starting to use QT to 
develop on."

branko collin
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