MArk Finlay wrote:

> Before I begin, I've just joined the list so please excuse me
> if these issues have been rasied before:

I'll ask for the same forgiveness as a pure user/non developer. Just my 0.02

> 1. Everyone loves a good splash screen, but now Gnome has
> startup-notification which kinda makes them superflous. Startup
> notification lets you know that your applications is starting but it is
> not as intrusive as a splash. I have edited  my Gimp Launcher to add the
> line 'StartupNotify=true' and to change it to run 'gimp-1.3 -s'. To me
> this feels much snappier than before. And eventually when nautilus has
> integrated support for startup notification it would make sense to do
> the same for the gnome mime-type.

I want the splash screen! ;) I've seen Jimmac has done a new (or updated) one
in the changelog for today, and already look forward to see it!

> -!-
> 2. To a lot of new users the way Gimp works is quite alien. A lot of
> users just get used to it, but some find it too weird. One of the
> hardest things to get used to is right clicking on an image to access
> the menus. Personally I've been using gimp long enough for this to be
> second nature to me, but on my computer I've turned the menubar in the
> image window because other people who use my computer prefer it.

Yes but you agree that this right click menu is very practical. So the effort
to learn to use it (not that hard to do, honestly, even windows explorer
(=file manager) has a right click menu) is worth it.

> I still use the right click, and never even notice the menu bar, but for
> every non-gimp user who sits down at my computer this effectively
> "un-breaks" the gimp for them. So what I am suggesting is that this
> toolbar be enabled by default.
> For users who want to use the rightclick menu, the menubar is
> un-obtrusive and can be turned off if they really hate having it there,
> and for a lot of users this will be invaluable. I know the option is
> there already, but it's the defaults that matter. Newbies are not going
> to go looking for a menubar that they don't know exists.

Just to say I do not think it is "un-obtrusive". My default image size is
256*256, and the menu is too big to fit in the image window (or just creates a
huge empty window).

However, this could be a "tip" for the tips and tricks window. Well, I know
most users don't read this window anyway.

> -!-
> 3. This one I'm stealing from Alan Horkan(who i've cced). It would make
> much more sense to me if the "Image->Transform->Rotate X Degrees" items
> where instead labeled "Fip Horizontal", "Rotate Left" and "Rotate Right"

Rotate 180° is not Flip horizontal. Flip horizontal of a "3" is a "3", Rotate
180° gives a "E"
Moreover, there is much more information in rotate 90° than in rotate left.
rotating 30° is also a left rotation. It might not be perfect as it is now,
but the best could be "rotate 90° (left)" or "rotate left 90°"

> -!-
> 4. It be great in the Font selection dialog to be able to change the
> text from "my mind is going..." to see other characters in the font.
> Also it'd be better by default to replace this text with a selection of
> characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters and sysbols.
> -!-
> If these ideas are not totally rejected i'll file them as bugs....

that is indeed the best thing to do.



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