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> On Tue, 18 Mar 2003 17:48:32 +0100, Olivier Ripoll
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > MArk Finlay wrote: > > 1. Everyone
> loves a good splash screen, but now Gnome has > > startup-notification
> which kinda makes them superflous. [...] > > I want the splash screen!
> ;) I've seen Jimmac has done a new (or updated) one > in the changelog
> for today, and already look forward to see it!
> Besides, not everyone is running the GIMP under GNOME.  I use GNOME on
> all of my Linux boxes, but none of my Solaris boxes have GNOME
> installed so the startup notification would not work there.

Well, something could be written that notices if you're running a
GNOME system and, if so, asks you at start-up if next time you want
to see the splash window. GNOME users could deselect that option
there and then or in the preferences.

> > > 2. To a lot of new users the way Gimp works is quite alien. A lot
> > > of users just get used to it, but some find it too weird. One of
> > > the hardest things to get used to is right clicking on an image to
> > > access the menus. [...] For users who want to use the rightclick
> > > menu, the menubar is un-obtrusive and can be turned off if they
> > > really hate having it there, and for a lot of users this will be
> > > invaluable. I know the option is there already, but it's the
> > > defaults that matter. Newbies are not going to go looking for a
> > > menubar that they don't know exists.
> I agree with this.  As an experienced user, I would not use the menu
> on top of the image windows because I can work faster with the
> right-click menu, but it should be enabled by default so that new
> users do not feel lost for the first time they use the GIMP.  I would
> go as far as suggesting that the default should be to have a WiW MDI
> model (at least for the Windows version, maybe even for other
> platforms) because this would allow the GIMP to be more similar to
> other image editing programs.  Cross-application consistency is more
> important than the efficiency of any single application, for those who
> do not use this application frequently.  The majority of GIMP users do
> not use it frequently.
> So I think that the default configuration of the GIMP should have the
> menubar in the image window or even use a full MDI model.  There could
> be a "tip of the day" suggesting to disable this menubar and to use
> only the right-click menu in order to save space and to work faster.
> The default mode should focus on cross-application consistency.

If people want to check out how GIMP with MDI would work, Cinepaint
(formerly known as Film Gimp--notice the capitalized 'GIMP' :-)) uses
an MDI model on what the screenshots suggest all supported systems.
The Windows version also comes with a nice mouse pointer the size of
the current brush. Doesn't quite seem to work yet, but very handy.

See <http://cinepaint.sourceforge.net> if you're interested.

branko collin
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