Branko Collin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On 18 Mar 2003, at 22:04, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
> > On Tue, 18 Mar 2003 17:48:32 +0100, Olivier Ripoll
> > <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > MArk Finlay wrote: > > 1. Everyone
> > loves a good splash screen, but now Gnome has > > startup-notification
> > which kinda makes them superflous. [...] > > I want the splash screen!
> > ;) I've seen Jimmac has done a new (or updated) one > in the changelog
> > for today, and already look forward to see it!
> > 
> > Besides, not everyone is running the GIMP under GNOME.  I use GNOME on
> > all of my Linux boxes, but none of my Solaris boxes have GNOME
> > installed so the startup notification would not work there.
> Well, something could be written that notices if you're running a 
> GNOME system and, if so, asks you at start-up if next time you want 
> to see the splash window. GNOME users could deselect that option 
> there and then or in the preferences. 

Please be careful not to introduce a gnome dependency because of this.

> The Windows version also comes with a nice mouse pointer the size of 
> the current brush. Doesn't quite seem to work yet, but very handy.

Since this pops up again and again, I thought I'd share my thoughts
on how this might be implemented.

We could generate an outline of the current brush in the same way as
we create an outline for the selection. The result would be a
black/white image that roughly shows the size/shape of an brush.
(For brush pipes we could simply use the first brush in the pipe or
combine the black/white for the various brushes. Since the latter would
be a pretty black image for huge brush pipes a better idea would
probably be a bounding box or something like that.)

Changing the X11 Mousepointer itself is most probably not an option,
since some platforms have a size limit on that pointer (32x32 or so -
pretty small). Also moving an additional shaped window synchronously
with the mouse pointer sounds like a bad idea to me, since complex
shaped windows have a big performance impact on the X Server.

So we could simply XOR the image on the image view window. The
GimpDrawTool could be extended with functions to draw a bitmap on the
image and the GimpPaintTool would optionally use this feature to place
the above mentioned image on the view area.

Should be pretty straightforward, except maybe for the image generation
from the brush, since reusing the code for the selection is most
probably not possible.

I won't implement this - the Path tool is more urgent (Hi Jimmac!  :-)

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