On 18 Mar 2003, at 23:14, Simon Budig wrote:
> Branko Collin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> [CinePaint]
> > The Windows version also comes with a nice mouse pointer the size of
> > the current brush. Doesn't quite seem to work yet, but very handy.
> Since this pops up again and again, I thought I'd share my thoughts on
> how this might be implemented.
> We could generate an outline of the current brush in the same way as
> we create an outline for the selection. The result would be a
> black/white image that roughly shows the size/shape of an brush. (For
> brush pipes we could simply use the first brush in the pipe or combine
> the black/white for the various brushes. Since the latter would be a
> pretty black image for huge brush pipes a better idea would probably
> be a bounding box or something like that.)
> Changing the X11 Mousepointer itself is most probably not an option,
> since some platforms have a size limit on that pointer (32x32 or so -
> pretty small). Also moving an additional shaped window synchronously
> with the mouse pointer sounds like a bad idea to me, since complex
> shaped windows have a big performance impact on the X Server.
> So we could simply XOR the image on the image view window. 

I take it the infamous XOR patent is not longer valid? 
N/4,197,590>, applied for in 1980.)

> I won't implement this - the Path tool is more urgent (Hi Jimmac!  :-)

Yea path tool! Go Nomis, go Nomis, go Nomis! :-)

branko collin
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