GIMP is approaching the end of another development cycle and we will
have to start making plans about the future. It seems like a good idea
to get the active developers together and that's why we decided that
there will be another GIMP developers conference this summer. A lot of
you probably already heard about it but there hasn't been an official
announcement yet, so that's what this mail is supposed to be. We are
thus happy to invite to

                   The GIMP Developers Conference
                       7/8/9/10th August 2003

We have choosen to have the conference at the Chaos Communication Camp
which is an international hacker open air gathering that takes place
near Berlin (Germany). There's a first web-site online and we suggest
you take a look at the pics from 1999, when the first camp was held at
the very same location:


As you can see, this is an outdoor event with a few thousand hackers
camping on a field near Berlin. There will be electrical power and
internet available all over the place. There is a small lake nearby,
food and drinks are sold for reasonable prices, there will be music
and everything is a lot like a hippie event but with computers all
over the place.

There are a number of reasons to have the conference being part of
this event. First, the camp offers the infrastructure we need. There's
internet, food and a place to put your tent (or caravane). Of course
there's an entrance fee for the camp (which is not yet determined but
is expected to be about Euro 100). Hotel rooms would however be more
expensive and certainly a lot less fun.

The camp will offer a lot of lectures and workshops (which are all
supposed to be in english). There will be three large tents for talks
accompaigned by smaller tents where people get together on specific
topics. The GIMP is supposed to be one of these topics. So we will
have a GIMP tent which means we have our own place to talk GIMPy
things and interested people can just step in and join us. Hopefully
this will attract some new contributors to the GIMP project.

We expect to get our costs (mainly for the tent) convered by fundings
and hopefully we will also be able to help a few selected developers
with their travel costs. Don't expect too much however; I've already
started to ask for fundings and it seems to be a lot more difficult
compared to the last conference that we had in summer 2000. Perhaps
we should consider to raise some money thru a PayPal system or thru
LinuxFund but let's get back to this topic later...

Right now I only ask everyone interested to come up with possible
questions, to ask your boss for vacation and to look for travel

Salut, Sven
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