[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-03-18 at 1624.31 +0000):
> 1. Everyone loves a good splash screen, but now Gnome has
> startup-notification which kinda makes them superflous. Startup
> notification lets you know that your applications is starting but it is
> not as intrusive as a splash. I have edited  my Gimp Launcher to add the
> line 'StartupNotify=true' and to change it to run 'gimp-1.3 -s'. To me
> this feels much snappier than before. And eventually when nautilus has
> integrated support for startup notification it would make sense to do
> the same for the gnome mime-type.

Probably could be done in the gimp.desktop and other files that apply
for that cases.

> 3. This one I'm stealing from Alan Horkan(who i've cced). It would make
> much more sense to me if the "Image->Transform->Rotate X Degrees" items
> where instead labeled "Fip Horizontal", "Rotate Left" and "Rotate Right"

The rotates should keep the degrees, "rotate 90 degrees right" and
"rotate 90 degrees left" (or CW and CCW maybe, but that is criptic
that way or long if expanded to words), that way you know it is a
fixed rotation, not a free rotation, it is clear about what it does.

But you have to check what flip horizontal is, the proper name it
should get is "rotate 180 degrees", it is not a horizontal flip, but
"double flip"... which is even more complex than "rotate 180 degrees"
to understand. It also makes the menu items look as a group.

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