> huh? I doubt that most of our users use Nautilus or even GNOME. The
> current CVS version of The GIMP now properly supports startup
> notification and there's a command-line option to disable the splash.
> What more could you possibly ask for?

I guess I'm a bit of "reasonable defaults" whore. Options are great and
all but I think that software should "Just Work(TM)" by default. I'm not
saying that the right way is definately to turn off the splash. But I
guess I just like to question things that are assumed to be right
because that is the way they are ATM :)

Also, I wasn't suggesting that the splash be disabled by default for all
platforms - cus that would be stupid. I was just suggestion that the
gnome launcher be modified to disable the splash by default. 

> If the menubar wouldn't be cut off at the right side but wrap, we
> could even consider to do this. Since it is rather broken at it is
> now, I don't want to see it as the default. 

Well it being broken ATM isn't really a valid argument in terms of
whether it should be on or off in a long term way. I agree that turning
it on when it is broken would be a bad idea, but if the idea is going to
get shot down, it'd be better to shoot it down for better reasons, and
assuming that it will be fixed some day(soon hopefully).

One idea is to put a toggle for it in the view menu and have it on by
default. This way it will only take an expert user a second to turn it
off(obviously it would stay off in future sessions too).

> Of course packagers are
> free to change the default if they are bundling GIMP for newbies
> That's as easy as changing one line in the system-wide gimprc.

I think that Gnome2 has proven to an extent that what works for newbies
in not necessarily restrictive for expert users, but I made that point
in my origional e-mail so I'm not going to start waffling about it again

> you should at least look at the latest version before you start to
> criticize things that are known to be under construction.

good point , will update to cvs.

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