Ernst Lippe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> At the moment my development environment is nicely organized
> for my own developments, I've got a standard Gnu distribution
> with autoconf, automake, gtk-doc. Altogether I've got 44
> files in CVS just for this project. I can't imagine that
> you would be very pleased to add all of them to Gnome
> CVS.

I'd rather see it integrated into the GIMP module but if you prefer to
work outside the GIMP tree for some more time, that's up to you.

> Another point is that the current name of the widget is GimpPreview
> and for some reason I don't think that you will like that name
> (even though my widget is a direct descendant of Shawn's widget
> that was written somewhere in 1998).

we should discuss this. Generally GimpPreview is perfectly acceptable
as a name but since we use it in the core already we should consider
to look for another name to avoid confusion.

> All this does not mean that I would not like to see my preview
> in the GIMP CVS ASAP. I'd really like to have the preview and
> at least a few of the plug-ins in the official 1.4 distribution.
> (BTW is there already a new deadline? I believe that it was
> originally scheduled for the end of last year).

I don't think it has ever been scheduled with a fixed date. It's ready
when it's ready but we are now trying to push things a bit. I'm
putting some pressure on you just to let you know that we'd rather
like to see a working-yet-not-perfect plug-in preview widget than no
plug-in preview widget at all.

Salut, Sven
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