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Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Ernst Lippe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Another point is that the current name of the widget is GimpPreview
> > and for some reason I don't think that you will like that name
> > (even though my widget is a direct descendant of Shawn's widget
> > that was written somewhere in 1998).
> we should discuss this. Generally GimpPreview is perfectly acceptable
> as a name but since we use it in the core already we should consider
> to look for another name to avoid confusion.
Maurits has suggested to use GimpEffectPreview, which sounds OK,
but other suggestions are welcome.

> > All this does not mean that I would not like to see my preview
> > in the GIMP CVS ASAP. I'd really like to have the preview and
> > at least a few of the plug-ins in the official 1.4 distribution.
> > (BTW is there already a new deadline? I believe that it was
> > originally scheduled for the end of last year).
> I don't think it has ever been scheduled with a fixed date. It's ready
> when it's ready but we are now trying to push things a bit. I'm
> putting some pressure on you just to let you know that we'd rather
> like to see a working-yet-not-perfect plug-in preview widget than no
> plug-in preview widget at all. 

Of course I am flattered by your interest.

At the moment both the API and the internal architecture are
not fixed as far as I am concerned. I want the preview to
be both both flexible and easy to use for plug-in developers.
There have been other attempts to develop a preview widget
in the past. Shawn wrote his GimpPreview widget ages ago,
but even though it had a lot of nice features, I know only
one plug-in (yep, that's mine) that really used it.
I am not really certain why it failed: too complicated,
not flexible enough, not enough documentation or publicity?
I'd really like to avoid the same trap and that's why I
am trying to follow the slow and sometimes boring path
through requirements, design and implementation.

We'll publish the API for comments as soon as Maurits has
finished reviewing the most recent version.

As soon as there is sufficient support for the API
(I don't expect a real concensus, but I'll really
try to incorporate good suggestions) the API will
be frozen, and you could probably get a first, probably not
fully functional, version within a week.



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