On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 17:48, Olivier Ripoll wrote:

> Just to say I do not think it is "un-obtrusive". My default image size is
> 256*256, and the menu is too big to fit in the image window (or just creates a
> huge empty window).
> However, this could be a "tip" for the tips and tricks window. Well, I know
> most users don't read this window anyway.

I'm working with very small images (icons) all the time and the menu
just feels weird since I can only access a minimal number of items. 

On the other hand this is about a sensible default. Having it on by
default may help new users find the functionality they would fail to
find in a right click menu. Those are the people that would use gimp to
sharpen their image, crop it, rotate it and save to a different format.
People like me and Olivier would have no trouble turning it off. I think
it's less of a pain for us to turn it off than to spoil new-user
experience with a trivial UI issue like hiding basic functionality like


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