there is a new GIMP development release available from:


The list of changes seems to be short this time but there are a lot of
bug fixes and small improvements all over the place which are not
explicitely listed here. Check the ChangeLog for more details.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.13

- New tree-view based popup to select brushes, gradients and such [Mitch]
- Added color pickers to levels tool for easier color correction [Sven]
- Allow to create channels from an image's color component [Sven, Mitch]
- Added a full-screen mode for the image window [Sven, Mitch]
- Added a simple config file writer to GimpConfig [Sven]
- Moved gimp-perl into it's own CVS module [Yosh]
- Migrated all core dialogs from GtkList to GtkTreeView [Mitch]
- Refactored the GimpDisplayShell update/draw code [Mitch, Sven]
- Rewrote the Undo History as a GimpDockable [Mitch]
- Lots of bug fixes

Other contributors:
  Sunil Mohan Adapa, Tor Lillqvist, Jay Cox, Dave Neary, Michael J. Hammel,
  Toralf Lund, Raphael Quinet, Hans Breuer, Tuomas Kuosmanen, David Necas,
  Jakub Steiner, Simon Budig

Happy GIMPing,  Sven
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