On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 18:33:24  
 Simon Budig wrote:
>Tuukka Pasanen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> I haven't been playing with Photoshop for looong time. But last week i
>> did and found nice feature called Mask(ing?) (or what was it) where
>> you could erase (there we Red overlay) area that you wanted to be
>> selected by select tool (or if you deleted too much you could add that
>> red back). Is there plans to add similar option in Gimp 1.4 (or is
>> that allready there in 1.3)?? This would be wery neat option.. 
>This is already there in the GIMP 1.2.x and 1.3.x. It is called
>"Quickmask" and the easiest way to use it is to toggle the little
>button in the lower left of the image window.
>        Simon
Ok this it.. Wonderfull i have been using gimp ages:) but what you don't know you 
can't demand..


ps. is there something else what needs to be done in Gimp (i know there's TODO) but 
how can i get involved really.. just choose something and start hacking??

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