Daniel Carrera ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a couple of questions on the future releases of Gimp:
> 1) What will be the next 'stable' release number?

1.4.0. Gimp follows the same numbering scheme as the Linux Kernel and
2.0 is reserved for some major things that have not yet happened.

> 2) Will it be based on Gtk+2?

Yes. The current development version already is.

> 3) How hard will it be to port current script-language bindings to 
>    the new Gimp?

I think that the basic infrastructure for calling PDB-Functions
basically is the same as in earlier Gimp Versions. Some PDB-Functions
have been renamed so you might need to fiddle a bit.

>    Where can I learn more about making such bindings?

Look at the existing bindings and the libgimp documentation.

> 4) FilmGimp has a neat Frame Manager and I wish that regular Gimp had 
>    that.  Is there any chance that this might happen?

Yes. However, this will not happen for 1.4.

>    Is it something that could be done as a plugin?

I am not really familiar with FilmGimp's Frame Manager, so I am not
really sure what stuff would be necessary to do. However, Gimp
Plugins/Extensions can do a lot and I think there is a chance to do
this that way.

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