> > 3) How hard will it be to port current script-language bindings to 
> >    the new Gimp?
> I think that the basic infrastructure for calling PDB-Functions
> basically is the same as in earlier Gimp Versions. Some PDB-Functions
> have been renamed so you might need to fiddle a bit.

What is a PDB function?  Is that what people use to make bindings?

> >    Where can I learn more about making such bindings?
> Look at the existing bindings and the libgimp documentation.

The reason why I ask is that I can't find the documentation.
Could you plese tell me where the documentation is?

> I am not really familiar with FilmGimp's Frame Manager, so I am not
> really sure what stuff would be necessary to do. However, Gimp
> Plugins/Extensions can do a lot and I think there is a chance to do
> this that way.

The main thing is that it can step through images.
When you click on a different image it doesn't open a new window with the 
image, rather it replaces the image in the already-open window by the one 
you selected.  In this way, you can step through a sequence of images.

Is there a libgimp function that would let me change the image in a window 
that is already open?

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