On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 19:24, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> The main thing is that it can step through images.
> When you click on a different image it doesn't open a new window with the 
> image, rather it replaces the image in the already-open window by the one 
> you selected.  In this way, you can step through a sequence of images.

Ah yes.  The flipbook thing.  I remember Ray Feeney asking for such a
thing when I interviewed him.

The easiest way to implement this now would be to load the images in as
separate layers and then manage the sequence via layers.  The drawback
with this method is that if you want layer processing on each image, you
have to keep track (in your plugin) of what new layers you've added that
will be associated with which image.  Not terribly difficult -
essentially you'd be using GIMP as a processing engine only and use your
Plug-in for specifying what needed to be done (blurs, color
enhancements, etc. on specified locations for series of images, for
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